Infographic: The Modern Workplace

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June 4, 2021

With this infographic, you can see at a glance how to overcome the biggest IT challenges of the Modern Workplace. If you are training new employees, you can send out our infographic as a fact sheet on workplace data privacy, infrastructure, and collaboration. And of course use it for yourself.

What is a modern workplace?

When you hear „modern workplace”, you probably first think of the current situation with COVID-19. Even though remote working has accelerated the move to more modern workplaces over the past year, a modern workplace is more than location-independent working. It requires consistent data protection in the workplace, fluid infrastructure like Internet connectivity, and new ways of working with familiar programs like Microsoft Office.

In this context, you will find important reminders on our infographic "The biggest challenges of the modern workplace", such as locking the screen, protecting conversations, and using browser-based Office programs.

Infographic: The Modern Workplace

You can find this and more information about the modern workplace in our article: How to overcome the 3 biggest challenges of the modern workplace with Microsoft.

Unite your modern workplace with MS Office

But you can extend your modern workplace even further. The empower® Suite, for example, helps increase your employees' productivity and collaboration when working with Office products. Microsoft Office add-ins provide access to presentations, documents, and related resources using a central library directly in Office applications. You can also access PowerPoint presentations and the corporate library directly in Microsoft Teams. Because the empower® Suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications, it ties into existing workflows in your Microsoft Modern Workplace.

Get started now with empower® to make teamwork in your company even closer and more efficient.

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